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A little about me….


I have always shared a love for photography. As a young girl, I can vividly remember having photoshoots with my best friend almost every weekend. We would toss up a sheet, whip out our disposable cameras and strike a pose.



Right before I became pregnant with our first child, I knew I wanted to learn how to properly use my camera with the goal of eventually taking beautiful pictures of our family.  One class turned into two, two turned into three, leading to where I am today.



My family and I made the move from Las Vegas to the Twin Cities for my husband to attend grad school. The Twin Cities are beautiful, lively, and full of things to do and places to go. We are looking forward to making new memories and exploring all that this wonderful state has to offer.



People routinely ask, why is it called Freckled Rae Photography? Well, I’m glad you asked. My name is Deserae, hence the Rae. And I have an abundance of angel kisses, aka, FRECKLES!


Fun facts about me:

I have worked with children with Autism for over 10 years

I love donuts, ice cream, BBQ ribs and tacos

I love playing sports

I enjoy going for bike rides and rollerblading

My wardrobe consist of yoga pants

I have sky dived, bungee jumped, gone up in a hot air balloon and just recently did the POLAR PLUNGE!!!


I look forward to taking pictures of your loved ones and creating beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

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